Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Once again she amazes me

So for those of you who don't know my daughter, she is dyslexic- She started reading the Twilight series two weeks ago and has finished 3 of the 4 books! I am so proud of her- She doesn't like to read long books because it takes her so long to finish them and usually stops before she completes them- But since she watched the movie first and then started the series it has really kept her driven to finish the series- She has spent many nights staying up late reading, umm like until 2 am the other night to accomplish her goal but I can't seem to tell her no when she is trying so hard- It is difficult for me to understand what it is like living life when the letters and numbers are all mixed up- I have such a love for books that I don't know what I would do if I couldn't read like everyone else, I read one book in the series in 4 and a half hours, it took Sierra 5 days to do that- I do not fault her that it took her 5 days nope I praise her that she finished the book and didn't give up on it! I love her so much she is such an amazing girl opps my mistake, she is an amazing young woman! She has a heart of gold also, she is such a people pleaser and I just know that she will accomplish great things in her life because she doesn't let life get in her way- 

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  1. That is So AWESOME!! She is such a motivating person!!! I am proud of her for sticking it out and finishing!! (How could you not finish those books, they are addicting)