Tuesday, December 16, 2008

4th Day of Christmas and my Secret Elves gave to me....

Mary Kay Harmony lotion and Sugar Scrub.... I feel so special!! Thank you my secret elves. They smell so yummy you could eat them. I used the lotion on my hands just before doing this entry and my hands are so soft! I am not sure what I have done to get so lucky to have these "little"elves bring such wonderful gifts but I appreciate them very much! I love how my elf or elves is so creative with the cards, I will be doing an entry just on the cards I have received so far, I think I will do that one in the morning. Well I am off to dream land, it has been a long day with the kids and I am beat. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and is able to enjoy time with their friends and family. Thank you elves!

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