Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My little guy...

So as I post this blog, Hunter is sleeping next to me. I just love to watch him sleep, he is so peaceful and sweet and QUIET. For those of you who know Hunter know that he is none of those thing while awake, so when it comes to bedtime I cherish it, not because I get some time to myself but because I get to enjoy watching him. He is constantly on the go, thinking about things when he is a wake so for him to be still long enough for me to enjoy him as my "baby" even though he is 4 now. I am sad that he has grown so fast, it again doesn't help that he doesn't sit still for more than 30 seconds at a time. I so miss the infant stages in his life, the time when he was all mine and I didn't have to share him with the world. When I was home alone with him all day and I could just snuggle him. I guess I am feeling a bit sad about him growing up because I know he is my last baby, I tell my friends enjoy each and every second with your babies because the time goes by so quickly even though you don't realize it. I love the way he cuddles up with his blanket and how he will twitch his little fingers while he is dreaming, but my favorite thing is when I am laying down next to him sometimes and he reaches over and snuggles next to me and says "I love you mama", and gives me a kiss on the nose and then the butterfly kisses on the cheek ahh I just love that! It makes everything else melt away, I tend to forget all the other terrible things going on and just live for that moment.

I mention those things because last week we went to his 4 year check up and found out he is anemic and is not allowed to have ANY milk at all. This has been a very tough 4 days for us because the boy LOVES milk. He will drink it all day long, he loves it so much. Don't get me wrong he will eat food also but his drink of choice is milk, he isn't into juice so much. He will trade out milk for water through out the day so when the dr. told him "Hunter, you may not have any milk until you are healthy again." his reply was "Ugh I don't like you and I will have my milk". I am not kidding that was his response. She then came back and said " I understand you don't like what I said but if you want to get healthy you may not have any more milk." He said " I don't think so, I like milk, and I will drink my milk." so she came back and said "OK lets make a deal, you can have 8 ounces of milk each day but that is all you may have and if you drink that milk then you have to have more juice, not water but juice." He came back with " Ugh I don't like juice. I like water." The dr. looked at me and said " I can't believe I am negotiating with a 4 year old." I said "welcome to my world." Needless to say Hunter gets 8 ounces of milk and his water as well as 2 glasses of juice, that was the deal that they worked out. Crazy how a 4 year old can negotiate a deal. He has stuck with the deal although it has been very difficult to say the least because he still wants his milk. I can only wonder what he is going to be when he grows up... I just love him so much!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Thomas

So today is my big brothers birthday, and he is in sunny southern California spending the day doing what he loves best, reading! Yes we both LOVE to read- I wish I was there with him to help celebrate his 37th Birthday but unfortunately I am not- I called him while he was at lunch at one of his favorite places to eat, Red Robin, he just loves their fries- Anyway I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish my AMAZING brother a WONDERFUL birthday and let him know that I love and miss him much! Thomas you are the best brother a girl could ask for, thank you for all that you do and all that you are, you are such a fine example and I look up to you and admire you! I love you!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

12th Day of Christmas..

So on the 12th day of Christmas my Elves came really early, in fact they were so early that day I wasn't even awake yet. I did not get to leave my Thank You note like I had planned which really bummed me out but I knew that all the elves knew about my Thank You email to one of the Elves so that makes me feel a little better. So what did they leave me as my final gift that day, well they left me a Calendar of our Savior what a fitting final gift I think considering that is what the holiday is all about. I love the prints for each of the months, they are so beautiful. Not only will the Calendar remind me of our Savior each and every day of the year but it will also remind me of my Secret Elves and the fun the past 12 days have been. Thank you so much Secret Elves!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

11th Day of Christmas....

Tonight I received Amish Friendship Bread and some homemade apple butter, it was yummy. No I didn't eat it all but I had a slice as well as the rest of the family. I don't know how to make apple butter but I really want to learn how. I know I know, I love to cook and bake but I don't know how to make apple butter. So again Thank you Secret Elves for another yummy treat and raised my spirits tonight!! Merry Christmas Secret Elves!

On another note my friend Christine, her husband Decker and their beautiful little girl Laralyn brought by a yummy treat as well. It is peppermint tree bark. White chocolate with candy cane mixed in it. Oh soooo very Yummy!! Thank you Smith Family, we love that treat as well tonight, I wish we were home when you stopped by. Have a wonderful Christmas!! We love you and are thankful for your friendship as well!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

10th day of Christmas...

Tonight they left some yummy treats. They left some cheese and crackers with two very adorable cheese spreaders. On one of the spreaders the handle is a Christmas tree and the other is a stack of Christmas presents. They told me I could eat it all myself or I could share with kin and friends. Of course I will share with whoever would like some, I am sure Elder Regnier will love to sample some of it since he has made my house his home away from home, he can tell you where everything is in the kitchen. But I LOVE that. That makes me feel as though I have done my job well at making people feel like they are at home. I hate it when people feel the need to ask for a glass of water or something to eat because to me that just means they don't feel comfortable or welcome in my home.

I will hate to put the spreaders up with the seasonal things once Christmas is over but I know that next year and the years to come when they are pulled out at Christmas time I will always remember this special Christmas. Thank you Secret Elves!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the 9th day of Christmas my Elves gave to me...

An awesome new quilted handbag! It is a black and white pattern with a purple trim, I can't wait to use it!! I swear I have been so spoiled by these Elves... Thank you so much Secret Elves!! You seem to know me very well, and I promise I am not trying to find out who you are and I hope I don't even when the 12 days are over but just know I am truly thankful for all the time and effort and thought that you all have put into this for me, it means more to me than I can ever express and if you know Christine Smith I am sure she can tell you just how much.. So from the very bottom of my heart Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas yourselves and are able to spend it with your families and friends and feel the love of the spirit!!

I did get to thank them though the other night through an email. After the 7th night when things were a close call I received and email and I replied back thanking them, but I also learned that there are more than one set of Elves in that email so I wasn't able to thank all of them so I hope the one set passed on my thanks to the other set. I am going to leave a thank you note on the last day just in case they do not know about my blog or have been unable to read it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

8th day....

So on this 8th day of Christmas my elves brought to me two very special photo ornaments. Although I will say it scared Sierra a bit considering the photos were one of her and the other my all time favorite photo of Hunter that I took when he was only a few months old. The one of Sierra was taken by my friend LaCrisha on the day Sierra tested for her Black Belt back in May and I know I didn't give either of those photos to anyone so needless to say it has scared Sierra but I did explain to her that I have them posted on two sites so that family and friends could see them. She also said she has them posted on her sites as well so she felt much better knowing that. I will always treasure those ornaments! The one of Hunter is on the "Joy" ornament and his photo is the letter O and the one of Sierra is difficult to explain, so what I am going to do is when all is said and done, take a photo of all the gifts my elves have left me so that you can all see how wonderful they are!! Thank you elves this 8th night you have brought a tear to my eye... Have a Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

7th day and the Elves gave to US...

On this 7th day of Christmas my elves gave to not just me but to my family as well, but before I tell you what they brought I must tell you what happened. JB and I decided to go out tonight and finish up the Christmas shopping for the kids. Not a big deal right, WRONG!! As we were leaving the house through the side door, my elves were at the front door dropping off the gifts, I did not see them because JB noticed them and blocked my view, I don't know if he knows who they are because he turned his back. So my elves showed up earlier than they have in the past. It was a little after 7 when they arrived, it was a good thing we didn't use the front door tonight. So all I can say was WHEW that was a close one.

Now what did they bring you are wondering well, for Hunter they brought a BIG truck, his favorite kind of toy in the whole wide world! He loves that truck! For Sierra it was a snowman hot coco cup with Mary Kay cleanser, I don't know how they knew she uses that, they are some very smart elves and for JB, his favorite candy, Twizzlers and a Coke Zero, I guess they knew he has a sweet tooth, and for me, some very warm gloves and Mary Kay Satin Hands Lotion. Thank You Elves, that was so thoughtful of you to think of my family as well. This has been so much fun and I can't wait until I can do this for somebody next year!! You have inspired me. You are amazing elves and I wish you happiness and love this holiday season!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

6th day of Christmas...

My Secret Elves had my 6th gift delivered by a member of the church, and the member made it very clear it wasn't from him but he was delivering it for somebody else because they didn't want to get caught. The card made me sad this time because they are mistaken my daughters curiosity for mine. Last night Sierra answered the door and said "Who are they?" She answered the door very quickly after the door bell rang and Elder Regnier then opened the kitchen door and was looking for the elves while I was doing the dishes. I promise I am not trying to figure out who they are, I have been enjoying the evening surprises but today I was just sad to think that my wonderful elves are thinking I am trying to figure this all out. Tuesday night JB was out to dinner with his company and I stayed up waiting for him to get home but I had all but the living room drapes closed and those were only open part way, just enough to see the Christmas tree from the street. I decided I couldn't stay awake any longer and went upstairs, in the time it took me to get upstairs and put Hunter to bed,the elves had left the gift. Sammy went rushing down stairs barking like crazy and I looked out the window because I didn't hear anything so a few minutes later I went back down the stairs and looked outside and there was my gift. I really don't want to know who my Secret Elves are, because I think it will take away all the fun. So if you are reading this please know I don't want to know who you are honestly. Thank you for the beautiful candle holder and chocolate almonds... I will think of you each and every time I light the candle. Thank you again!!

On the 5th day of Christmas my Secret Elves gave to me...

Not 5 golden rings, some things I can use anyway I choose. Those are their words... I received a very cute bracelet, book mark, candle that smells way yummy a mask to block out the light at night and a magnet with the sweetest saying. The magnet is on the fridge as my daily reminder that I have such wonderful elves this holiday season (not that I need a daily reminder) but it puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. Thank you Secret Elves!!

Last night the youth at church stopped by and sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. It was cute, they are such a great group of kids and I am looking forward to getting to know the young women at church through my calling. They also left me with a big gift basket as well, lots of yummy chocolate, and nuts and fruit as well as some hot coco. I shared some of it with the Missionaries since they were here for dinner. I have learned that Elder Regnier LOVES chocolate more than I do. Anyway this is getting of topic but it was a wonderful night shared with family and friends I really do enjoy this time of year!! I hope you all enjoy your Holiday Season as well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

4th Day of Christmas and my Secret Elves gave to me....

Mary Kay Harmony lotion and Sugar Scrub.... I feel so special!! Thank you my secret elves. They smell so yummy you could eat them. I used the lotion on my hands just before doing this entry and my hands are so soft! I am not sure what I have done to get so lucky to have these "little"elves bring such wonderful gifts but I appreciate them very much! I love how my elf or elves is so creative with the cards, I will be doing an entry just on the cards I have received so far, I think I will do that one in the morning. Well I am off to dream land, it has been a long day with the kids and I am beat. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and is able to enjoy time with their friends and family. Thank you elves!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dinner with the Johns and my Secret Elves

So tonight we were invited over to the Johns for dinner, I must say it was delicious! Katie made spaghetti and meatballs that were wonderful. It was nice to get to know her husband Chris and spend time with the missionaries as well and the stories that were shared were hilarious. Katie and Chris are from Alaska and Elder Wilson lived there for a little while also. So there were many stories about moose. I must send her a thank you note for such a wonderful evening.

While we were there my Secret Elves struck again this time it had nothing to do with the kitchen, it was all about pampering me. Talk about feeling special, I don't know who they are but they know how to pamper somebody. My gifts tonight were a bath pillow, Mary Kay Harmony Body wash and a bath puff. I am looking forward to using those soon! The card that was attached to the gift bag was very creative. I will have to do a post just about the cards themselves. I just can't believe I am lucky enough to have such wonderful elves!! Thank you elves for what you are doing!! I will remember this for years to come and next year I believe I will be someones secret elf for the 12 days of Christmas. What fun it must be to brighten somebody's day like you have mine! And for those who know me YES this had made it into my journal.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Secret Elves Strike Again

So once again my sneaky secret elves stuck again. This time they struck while I was at dinner with Sierra at the Arnold's. When we arrived home there was a package on my kitchen counter with two hot pads that match the cute hand towels I received last night. Also in the package was a Christmas ornament, a white snow flake, with a very sweet saying on it. I still have no clue as to who my elves are but they sure do know how to make me feel special and they seem to know that I love to be in my kitchen. So once again I would like to Thank my elves for the wonderful gifts that put a smile on my face and make me feel special!! I wish I knew who they were so that I can really thank them and send them a thank you note, so once again if anyone on here knows who they are or if they are one of you, THANK YOU!!!

Secret Elves...

I don't know who you are but THANK YOU! It was such a surprise to come home tonight with a little gift on my front door steps- The note card was very creative and I just love the hand towels that were inside the cute gift bag- I don't know who to say thank you to but just in case it is any of my blog followers or a blogger Thank you! It really brightened my day and put a big smile on my face! I honestly do not know who they are from, Sierra called me while I was out to dinner tonight and asked if we were locked out and if we were ringing the door bell, I told her "no it wasn't us, we are still at dinner" she said oh, well I am not answering the door then, I told her that was fine, not a bad idea and that we would be home in a little bit- Well I noticed as I was walking to the side door something on the front door steps so I checked to see what it was, thinking it was a note or something from the missionaries, since they received their transfer calls tonight, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that cute little gift bag- I am not use to getting things in secret, but I must admit it felt nice to be remembered and I feel special knowing that somebody cared enough about me to leave a gift for me- Again THANK YOU secret elves!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The best daughter ever!

I love my daughter- She left me the sweetest comment on my myspace page this morning- I told you she has a heart of gold- This is what I read when I opened my page:

"hey mommy! I love you soo much and im glad to call you MY mom! im sorry that I always yell or talk back to you i really do, its just sometimes i just get soo mad-again sorry :) thanks for always putting a smile on my face when i need it the most! and i love how you give me hugs just before i cry!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, DONT FORGET THAT!! love you always"

The funny thing about it that she really doesn't talk back that often, like she said only when she is really mad and the really funny thing is she hasn't done that in such a long time- so this wasn't even a "I am sorry Mom note for messing up "  it was just a totally random note from her- I just love her to death! She always knows how to put a smile on my face and reassures me that I am doing something right as a parent- I am so blessed-

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Once again she amazes me

So for those of you who don't know my daughter, she is dyslexic- She started reading the Twilight series two weeks ago and has finished 3 of the 4 books! I am so proud of her- She doesn't like to read long books because it takes her so long to finish them and usually stops before she completes them- But since she watched the movie first and then started the series it has really kept her driven to finish the series- She has spent many nights staying up late reading, umm like until 2 am the other night to accomplish her goal but I can't seem to tell her no when she is trying so hard- It is difficult for me to understand what it is like living life when the letters and numbers are all mixed up- I have such a love for books that I don't know what I would do if I couldn't read like everyone else, I read one book in the series in 4 and a half hours, it took Sierra 5 days to do that- I do not fault her that it took her 5 days nope I praise her that she finished the book and didn't give up on it! I love her so much she is such an amazing girl opps my mistake, she is an amazing young woman! She has a heart of gold also, she is such a people pleaser and I just know that she will accomplish great things in her life because she doesn't let life get in her way- 

Friday, December 5, 2008


I can't believe in just four days my little boy will be 4!! I asked him what he would like for his birthday and he said "Mama, the only thing  I want for my birthday is a motorcycle cake and balloons" I asked him, "are you sure you don't want a new toy or maybe a movie or book" his reply was "No Mama, just a  cake and balloons, I don't want anything else" So he will get his cake and balloons but I can't allow a birthday to pass without a gift, it may be something small since he really doesn't want anything- I never have a birthday party for him because he doesn't like them, he doesn't like to attend them- So I usually just have my parents over for dinner and cake and he is happy as pie with that- But I am so sad that my little guy is growing up! I am excited to see what kind of person he will become in the future but I sure do miss the baby stages, you know where they sleep for hours on end and  you can cuddle them in your arms and just the smell of a clean baby after a bath, ahh just heavenly- My little guy isn't so little to be honest, he is a big kid, always has been- he is already over 50 pounds, tall and looks older than what he is- His doctor told me when he was 2 that he is on track to be 6'4 and 230 when he is 18- I love my blue eyed blonde hair little guy with all my heart and am so thankful for him even though he does drive me nuts each and every day but I wouldn't have it any other way to be honest! He makes me laugh one minute then the next he drives me mad! Boys are so different than girls- I wonder what this next year will bring, I wonder what new things he will teach me- I love you Hunter Michael!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Helping others

As I drove home from my parents house yesterday I noticed an elderly man on the side of the interstate and he was all alone trying to figure something out with his truck- I am not one who would normally stop while I had my children with me but I couldn't just ignore the feeling I had to help this man- Before I got out of my car I dialed *hp and told Sierra that if she noticed anything suspicious to just push the green button- When I got out I asked the man if there was anything I could do to help him, he asked if I had a phone he could use to call for help because he couldn't get his motorized scooter back on the lift because the lift had broken while he was driving home- I went and called the *hp and told them what was going on and that the gentleman was disabled and needed help- I told the officer that his lift was broken and he needed help putting the scooter in the back of his truck, they sent help right away, I stayed with the gentleman until they arrived and helped the trooper put it in the back of the truck and then began to get back in my car- The trooper called after me, I stopped and asked if there was anything wrong he said "No ma'am, I just wanted to thank you for what you did for that man" I told him it was nothing and that I was glad I was able to help- He then smiled and said not many people stop and help others these days, I had to agree with him because as I waited for the Trooper to show up I noticed not one car stopped or slowed down or even acknowledged us on the side of the interstate, really sad if you ask me- I may not stop every time I see a stranded motorist but I do call *hp and let them know- I hope people will take time to stop and help others when they are in need -