Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My little guy...

So as I post this blog, Hunter is sleeping next to me. I just love to watch him sleep, he is so peaceful and sweet and QUIET. For those of you who know Hunter know that he is none of those thing while awake, so when it comes to bedtime I cherish it, not because I get some time to myself but because I get to enjoy watching him. He is constantly on the go, thinking about things when he is a wake so for him to be still long enough for me to enjoy him as my "baby" even though he is 4 now. I am sad that he has grown so fast, it again doesn't help that he doesn't sit still for more than 30 seconds at a time. I so miss the infant stages in his life, the time when he was all mine and I didn't have to share him with the world. When I was home alone with him all day and I could just snuggle him. I guess I am feeling a bit sad about him growing up because I know he is my last baby, I tell my friends enjoy each and every second with your babies because the time goes by so quickly even though you don't realize it. I love the way he cuddles up with his blanket and how he will twitch his little fingers while he is dreaming, but my favorite thing is when I am laying down next to him sometimes and he reaches over and snuggles next to me and says "I love you mama", and gives me a kiss on the nose and then the butterfly kisses on the cheek ahh I just love that! It makes everything else melt away, I tend to forget all the other terrible things going on and just live for that moment.

I mention those things because last week we went to his 4 year check up and found out he is anemic and is not allowed to have ANY milk at all. This has been a very tough 4 days for us because the boy LOVES milk. He will drink it all day long, he loves it so much. Don't get me wrong he will eat food also but his drink of choice is milk, he isn't into juice so much. He will trade out milk for water through out the day so when the dr. told him "Hunter, you may not have any milk until you are healthy again." his reply was "Ugh I don't like you and I will have my milk". I am not kidding that was his response. She then came back and said " I understand you don't like what I said but if you want to get healthy you may not have any more milk." He said " I don't think so, I like milk, and I will drink my milk." so she came back and said "OK lets make a deal, you can have 8 ounces of milk each day but that is all you may have and if you drink that milk then you have to have more juice, not water but juice." He came back with " Ugh I don't like juice. I like water." The dr. looked at me and said " I can't believe I am negotiating with a 4 year old." I said "welcome to my world." Needless to say Hunter gets 8 ounces of milk and his water as well as 2 glasses of juice, that was the deal that they worked out. Crazy how a 4 year old can negotiate a deal. He has stuck with the deal although it has been very difficult to say the least because he still wants his milk. I can only wonder what he is going to be when he grows up... I just love him so much!!!


  1. No kidding! I'll have to call you about this, because I have lots of questions. So sad about the milk, though. That must make things tough.

  2. He sounds like such a sweet, funny lil guy. I too love the quietness of watching my angel sleep.