Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The best daughter ever!

I love my daughter- She left me the sweetest comment on my myspace page this morning- I told you she has a heart of gold- This is what I read when I opened my page:

"hey mommy! I love you soo much and im glad to call you MY mom! im sorry that I always yell or talk back to you i really do, its just sometimes i just get soo mad-again sorry :) thanks for always putting a smile on my face when i need it the most! and i love how you give me hugs just before i cry!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, DONT FORGET THAT!! love you always"

The funny thing about it that she really doesn't talk back that often, like she said only when she is really mad and the really funny thing is she hasn't done that in such a long time- so this wasn't even a "I am sorry Mom note for messing up "  it was just a totally random note from her- I just love her to death! She always knows how to put a smile on my face and reassures me that I am doing something right as a parent- I am so blessed-

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