Monday, December 22, 2008

10th day of Christmas...

Tonight they left some yummy treats. They left some cheese and crackers with two very adorable cheese spreaders. On one of the spreaders the handle is a Christmas tree and the other is a stack of Christmas presents. They told me I could eat it all myself or I could share with kin and friends. Of course I will share with whoever would like some, I am sure Elder Regnier will love to sample some of it since he has made my house his home away from home, he can tell you where everything is in the kitchen. But I LOVE that. That makes me feel as though I have done my job well at making people feel like they are at home. I hate it when people feel the need to ask for a glass of water or something to eat because to me that just means they don't feel comfortable or welcome in my home.

I will hate to put the spreaders up with the seasonal things once Christmas is over but I know that next year and the years to come when they are pulled out at Christmas time I will always remember this special Christmas. Thank you Secret Elves!!!

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