Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the 9th day of Christmas my Elves gave to me...

An awesome new quilted handbag! It is a black and white pattern with a purple trim, I can't wait to use it!! I swear I have been so spoiled by these Elves... Thank you so much Secret Elves!! You seem to know me very well, and I promise I am not trying to find out who you are and I hope I don't even when the 12 days are over but just know I am truly thankful for all the time and effort and thought that you all have put into this for me, it means more to me than I can ever express and if you know Christine Smith I am sure she can tell you just how much.. So from the very bottom of my heart Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas yourselves and are able to spend it with your families and friends and feel the love of the spirit!!

I did get to thank them though the other night through an email. After the 7th night when things were a close call I received and email and I replied back thanking them, but I also learned that there are more than one set of Elves in that email so I wasn't able to thank all of them so I hope the one set passed on my thanks to the other set. I am going to leave a thank you note on the last day just in case they do not know about my blog or have been unable to read it.

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