Thursday, December 18, 2008

6th day of Christmas...

My Secret Elves had my 6th gift delivered by a member of the church, and the member made it very clear it wasn't from him but he was delivering it for somebody else because they didn't want to get caught. The card made me sad this time because they are mistaken my daughters curiosity for mine. Last night Sierra answered the door and said "Who are they?" She answered the door very quickly after the door bell rang and Elder Regnier then opened the kitchen door and was looking for the elves while I was doing the dishes. I promise I am not trying to figure out who they are, I have been enjoying the evening surprises but today I was just sad to think that my wonderful elves are thinking I am trying to figure this all out. Tuesday night JB was out to dinner with his company and I stayed up waiting for him to get home but I had all but the living room drapes closed and those were only open part way, just enough to see the Christmas tree from the street. I decided I couldn't stay awake any longer and went upstairs, in the time it took me to get upstairs and put Hunter to bed,the elves had left the gift. Sammy went rushing down stairs barking like crazy and I looked out the window because I didn't hear anything so a few minutes later I went back down the stairs and looked outside and there was my gift. I really don't want to know who my Secret Elves are, because I think it will take away all the fun. So if you are reading this please know I don't want to know who you are honestly. Thank you for the beautiful candle holder and chocolate almonds... I will think of you each and every time I light the candle. Thank you again!!


  1. mmmmMMM chocolate covered almonds, yummy!

  2. I'm even trying to figure out who they are!!!! How fun!!! Who delivered the package?

  3. Kendall Smith delivered it yesterday afternoon