Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Until we meet again

Well today was one of the most emotional days in my life - I knew this day was coming but I wasn't prepared for it at all - Adam is now serving in New Bern, NC - It is about 120 miles south east from Cary - He arrived at my house this morning at 10:30 and we left shortly after 11:00 to head to the Raleigh Stake Center so he could meet his new companion and head off to his new area - I was good, I didn't cry while we were at the house or when we took photos and I didn't even cry when we were sitting next to one another in the chapel, but I totally lost it when we were standing outside in the rain saying our farewells to one another, neither one said "goodbye" we both said "until we meet again" but even that didn't make me cry, what made us both cry  was when he said " the heck with the rules, come here so I can give you a hug " - When he hugged me it all sank in that my friend and sense of security was leaving and I wouldn't be having breakfast, lunch or dinners with him any more, I wouldn't be sitting next to him at church again, he isn't going to be the one to reassure me when I start to second guess myself,  he wouldn't be the one answering my questions anymore, I won't see his smiling face again for a very long time and that makes me very sad - You see he isn't just a missionary to me, he is my friend, there is a connection between us that words can not possibly begin to explain- I will have to adjust to the new change and the void that is now there - I know that we will see one another again in the future, but I just wish it didn't have to be that way, I wish he was still here and that tomorrow when I see the missionaries for dinner he will be sitting across the table telling stories about back home - I know I should look at this in a more positive way and I will once I get over the sadness, I just need a day or two to reflect and then I will be back to my normal self trying to get to know the new missionary-  so Adam, until we meet again, I miss you and keep on keepin on ~

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