Saturday, November 8, 2008

Talk on Baptism

So tonight I gave a talk on Baptism for Sister Sabatino- I had never given a talk in church before so once again I was a "bit" nervous-  I wanted to share with her my conversion story and let her know what an amazing step she is taking in her life- I shared with her Alma 7:14-16 and 2Nephi 31:10-13, those are two of my favorite scriptures, they remind me of the promises that are made to us if we keep the covenant's we make- I remember the day I was baptized, the feelings I had, I shared with her about how I was feeling lost and alone before I was immersed in the water and that the minute I came out of the water those feelings were gone, and a sense of peace came over me- I hope that she will remember today and the feelings she has had, I asked her to write them in a journal so that she can reflect on them- I am not sure if she will or not but I know that Heavenly Father is so very proud of her for taking this step and she will blessed as well as her family for the choice she has made- I am thankful for this week as I have overcome some of my fears- I am thankful that I was able to give the talk tonight, yes it has made it into my journal tonight, I will always remember this day and what it has meant to me- 

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  1. Wow Good for you I bet that made you feel so good to do that!! And i bet your friend was very thankful for your heart felt words! One thing I have learned about being a RS teacher is that the sisters most often will never remember my words but they WILL remember how they felt, and that is what is important to me! I am sure she felt the spirit and that is what she will remember!!! I am proud of you! Way to go!!