Sunday, November 30, 2008

Twilight Series

So this week I have read 4 books - I have finished the Twilight series and I read The Appeal by John Grisham- I read Twilight last week because a friend recommended the series to me- I will say that it took me 12 chapters to get into the book- It was an alright read for me, I must admit to those of you who do not know me that my favorite books to read are either history or crime, I love anything to do crime fiction or non so it is very difficult for me to wrap my little brain around things that are so far fetched in my opinion- I will say that I absolutely loved and hated New Moon, I hated how Edward broke Bellas heart but I loved how it was a great read, I actually got lost in the story and was excited to read Eclipse and was thrilled with that book but I have to say Breaking Dawn was a let down, I was bored with it, it was too predictable, I figured the ending out before I was even half way done with it- It had so much potential but it did absolutely nothing for me- I know those of you who are huge fans of the series must think I am crazy- Bella had such a dull personality, it drove me nuts,  Alice was by far my favorite character in the series, she had real spunk and made you believe everything, Jacob was my next favorite you could just feel the emotions he was having, Emmett he was just funny, still not to sure what to think of Jasper, Rosalie, I just felt sad for her- All and all it wasn't a bad series to read- 2 out of the 4 books were excellent ~ 

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  1. I didn't particularly love twilight either. I also love crime type stuff. I love John Grisham but my favorite author of the moment would be Vince Flynn. His books are amazing although like most authors of this genre you have to edit them.