Monday, April 5, 2010

Hunters first baseball game

I took Hunter to his first baseball game this past Saturday. We were in DC so I thought it was a good time to take him to a ball game. After a morning of museums and touring the Capital Building we hopped on the metro at 7th street and got off at the Navy Yard. The ball park is a half a block from the metro so it was great. He was excited to see the park, well maybe he was just excited to get that ballpark hot dog and coke. He was so cute, he ordered all by himself and even used his manners which is more than I can say for the majority of the people there, anyway that is another story. After we got his hot dog and coke we found our seats and watched batting practice. If I didn't know any better I would have thought we were at Fenway, I didn't see anybody wearing Nationals hats or shirts. Everywhere I looked I saw Boston Red Sox hats, shirts, sock, fingers, you name it I saw it. As we were sitting there eating Hunter asked me questions about the game, like what happens if the ball is hit on this side of the yellow pole, I told him it was a foul ball, he asked about doubles, triples and how does the guy behind the catcher know if it is a ball or a strike? I was in heaven answering his questions, it was a dream come true after 6 years. From the day I found out I was having a boy I dreamed of taking him to his first major league game and this weekend that dream was fulfilled. The stadium is great, the location is great, the weather was perfect and life was perfect for a few hours. I will never forget my sons first game. Our next game will be August 23, 2010 a few days before he starts school, we are going back to DC to watch the Nationals play the Cubbies and enjoy another hot dog and coke and create more memories of a lifetime. The Red Sox won the game but it didn't matter to us....

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  1. No, if you were in Fenway, you'd know it. You'd be hitting your knees on the row in front of you, and everyone would be yelling at each other in that unmistakable accent and throwing punches at the dumb guy who came in a Yankees' hat. Ahh...I love baseball!!! Your day sounded perfect. I can't wait until Laralyn's first big league game!