Thursday, April 8, 2010

The passing of Zoltan

Zoltan was Hunters very first pet, his very own that he didn't have to share with the rest of the family. He was a cute little black dwarf hamster. Hunter fed him, made sure he had plenty of water and helped to clean his cage each week. We adopted Zoltan, he was with a foster family and we decided that at the age of 3 Hunter was old enough to care for the little guy. For the past few weeks Zoltan hasn't really been himself. He hasn't wanted to run on his wheel or play in his ball and that has made Hunter a little sad to say the least, last night Hunter asked John if he could hold Zoltan but John said no, because he was sleeping still. Hunter begged and begged to hold the little guy but the answer was still no. Well this morning John woke me before he left for work and told me the little guy died. I had the great job of telling Hunter the sad news when he woke up. Let me just tell you I NEVER want to see that sad look on my sons face again. He was devastated, crushed. He asked me several times if we could take it to the pet doctor so they could make him better, then he realized that if his hamster died then that means our family dog Samsun is going to die and he sobbed, Samsun is his best friend in the whole wide world and is a year younger than Hunter but now Hunter is freaked that Samsun is going to die soon. I told him that Samsun is healthy and young so he would have a long happy life and not to worry about Samsun passing anytime soon and to enjoy playing with him everyday. My heart is breaking for my son today. I know it was just a hamster but it was Hunters little buddy. RIP Zoltan...


  1. Oh, the death of a pet, especially the first one can be hard. If you're interested this is a wonderful picture book that talks about death of animals and people. Maybe you can check it out from your library and read it with him. Lifetimes : a beautiful way to explain death to children by Mellonie, Bryan.

  2. I wish I could give him a hug!!!!! Bless his little heart!