Wednesday, March 17, 2010

January 2013

It can't get here soon enough. Here are a few things Obama has done since being in office.

  • Returned the Churchill bust
  • Gave the Queen an iPod with all of his own speeches
  • Insulted Czechoslovakia and Poland
  • Insulted and threatened Israel
  • Delivered an anti-Israel speech at the UN
  • Announced his decision to close GTMO in a year without a game plan as to what to do with the inmates
  • Tripled the deficit and has China worried about whether we are a good investment
  • Allowed his Attorney General to selectively prosecute racially charged cases
  • Embraced dictators and bowed to Saudi Arabia's King
  • Aided in a coup against Honduras' legitimate government after they legally ousted Zelaya
  • Unilaterally broke a missile defense agreement with no warning, on the anniversary of the Russian invasion
  • He has broken so many campaign promises, especially ones related to transparency and lobbyists

I hope those of you who voted for him have removed those rose colored glasses... I don't care what you say you will NEVER convince me this man was a good choice for America.

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