Monday, January 30, 2012

Week One in Tennessee

Sunday January 22, 2012~ Day one in Tennessee. Rained. Did a little exploring close to the apartment complex. Found the market, a few parks, and some neat places to have picnics in the spring.

Monday January 23, 2012~ Day two. Rained. Found the Health Department to switch Hunters immunization records over from NC to TN. Not a fan of that place.. Registered Hunter at Blackman Elementary.

Tuesday January 24, 2012~ Day three. Rained.  Took Hunter to his first day of school, drove around a little. 

Wednesday January 25, 2012~ Day four. Rained. Movers arrived with our belongings, began to unpack and set up the apartment.

Thursday January 26, 2012~ Day five. Rained. finished unpacking all the boxes at the apartment.  

Friday January 27, 2012~ Day six. Rained. Cleaned the apartment. Watched Cars 2 at the clubhouse for movie night at the complex.  

Saturday January 28, 2012~ Day seven. SUNNY!! Spent the day outside since it didn't rain, we went to the park, walked along the greenway. Explored the town and drove around the country, drove the back roads to JB's office (not doing that again). Took Sammy to the park as well and he swam in the river, he was one happy dog!! 

* I did check on the progress of the new house each day when I would take Hunter to school and pick him up.. It is amazing the progress that was made in just a few hours... 

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