Friday, August 19, 2011


In two weeks I will be on a plane meeting my husband in Paris.  He came home from work this week and told me he had to take another business trip in a couple of weeks. I asked if he was going to Brno again and he said he was then he got this look on his face like I don't want to tell you where I am going after that, so I told him he better not be going back to Amsterdam without me, he laughed and said he wasn't, then I said you better not being going to Paris without me. Dead silence... not a single word was said... I told him that since he was going to Paris without me I wanted my birthday present early, I told him he couldn't go unless I had my kindle next week, he laughed and said ok. Then I went off to kickboxing class, when I got home he asked if I wanted to meet him in Paris.. I thought he was joking.. I went up to bed and he asked me again if he wanted me to book my flight to meet him, I told him I couldn't go and to stop asking.. He said ok.. Now my reason for saying no at first was because I thought Sierra would have been totally ticked off because once again I was going to Europe and she wasn't. While I was at one of my Coordinators house I told her about my declining JBs offer and she said "No you are going to call him right now and tell him to book that flight. You have to go, you will regret not going." So I did. I am now going to meet my husband in one of the most romantic cities in the world. He has made reservations to have dinner at the Eiffel Tower the first night we are there. I am so excited... I can't wait to experience Paris.... This is one happy girl!!

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  1. Wow! Have fun! You'll definitely have to post a few pictures when you get back.