Monday, August 15, 2011


Hard to believe that next week the kids will be back in school and summer will be over.  I have mixed emotions about school starting this year. Happy because I have to answer 500 questions from Hunter all day, seriously that boy will ask me questions ALL day LONG!  Hunter " Mom, why is the speed limit 65?" Me " because that is what has been deemed a safe speed to travel on this road."  Hunter" Mom, why is it a safe speed and by whose standards is it safe, yours, the troopers, the people who sit behind a desk and make all the laws?" Seriously people those are his questions all though my favorite question he had this summer was " Why do I know so much?"  Hmm maybe because you ask so many questions..The other day he was at a birthday party and his friend received some glow in the dark stars you place on the ceiling along with the planets that hang down. Hunter thought it was cool, the other kid not so much. I was listening to a conversation between Hunter and his friend. Hunter was asking the little boy if he knew what an asteroid was, the boy didn't know, Hunter explained what was, then Hunter asked him if he knew what the solar system was again the boy didn't really know so Hunter explained it to him, then Hunter asked him if he knew what a Milky Way was and the boy said, and I kid you not "Yeah it is a candy bar."  Hunter response " Dude you're killing me." and walked away..  I love that Hunter is curious and wants to learn so much but I just wish there were not 20 questions to every one original question.  I seriously hope that when we meet his teacher next week she is as good as Mrs. McCallister.  She was one of the best teachers I have ever met, she set the bar high for all the teachers that follow her. Looking forward to seeing what new things Hunter learns this year and to see how he is challenged.  Nothing like a six year old reading at an 8th grade level and knowing some algebra.. oh how I love my Hunter!!


  1. That's awesome! Too bad we don't live closer. I'm sure he could teach my kids a thing or two. :)

  2. Now that is what I am talking about. I especially like the part about him saying "dude your killing me" hahahahahahaha. I know how that feels sometimes! I'm so proud of him and you are such a great mother to answer his questions and cultivate his curiosity instead of telling him to be quite and not bug you with such things. Love you both! You are such an inspiration!