Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This past year I decided to rid myself of people who did not influence my life in a positive way. I said goodbye to a friend I have had since my freshman year in high school because I just couldn't handle the constant gossip about the people back home. I didn't care who was cheating on who or with who. I didn't care that so and so was arrested for a DUI, drugs or that so and so is still living in the same town.  I then learned that she cheated many times on her husband and three times with her best friends brother. That is pretty much when I said goodbye, you have nothing to bring to this friendship that is meaningful.  I thought it would be hard to end the friendship but really it was one of the easiest things I have ever done.  I feel good about it actually.

I want friends who I can learn from, have meaningful conversations, who I can talk to about anything and know that it isn't going to turn into gossip. I want friends who want to give back to there community and have values and who support their spouses when times get tough, I want strong women who stand up for what they believe in. I want friends who set amazing examples for their children. I want friends who teach their children that if they want something in life then they have to work hard for it.

I feel I have that now.

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