Thursday, December 17, 2009

Amsterdam Day One

Day one was filled with laughter and lots of it. After JB and I checked into our hotel near Dam Square we headed out for the day. We walked the streets of Amsterdam and we managed to find a little coffee shop and we sat down and had tea and hot coco and just talked for hours. We hadn't done that in years no joke. Our lives had gotten so off track as a couple that we had been talking about going our own ways before this trip. We first talked about ground rules, no talking about the kids on this trip. This trip was for us. So when we first got there it was a bit strange to be honest but then we just started to open up to one another we made a list of questions we wanted answers to. That is when the laughter returned to our relationship. We asked the most silly questions, it was kind of like a first date really. For those of you who may not know JB and I have been together since May of 1993 and so in that time we both had changed in many ways and we didn't know one another anymore. We sat in that coffee shop and laughed until it hurt. When we left that coffee shop we left hand in hand. It felt wonderful and I had a smile on my face a real smile. We then headed over to the train station since he had to get a train the next day to Apeldoorn for business. We bought his tickets for the next day and then headed back to the hotel for some dinner and rest. I ordered a bowl of spaghetti and he ordered the chicken parm, neither were very good, to be honest I wasn't all that thrilled with the food over there at all I thought it was rather bland,I expected more flavor.


  1. sounds like a fun visit with each other. :)

  2. That's wonderful, Cynthia! I'm so happy for you!