Thursday, February 5, 2009

Before and After

Here is what the house looked like when we first bought it in 2004. It was a bluish gray color that was rather depressing to me. We actually bought the house because the yard was so large and it was on a cul-de-sac.
And here is my house now, in 2009. JB painted the house this past summer and I just love how my house looks now!

We still have some things we need to do to the outside, like replace the light fixtures and do some landscaping but that will be done in the spring. This post is for a friend of mine back home who was curious about before and after shots so here you are Dre.


  1. It looks so great! Love the pics since I didn't get to experience the "before".

  2. I love your house! Great investment! That house will stand the test of time and definitely provide a return on your investment. Might I suggest a red door? I've always wanted a white colonial with a red door! I'm so jealous! Great job!