Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend with Family

This weekend Johns family has been in town, they flew out from Northern California. We haven't seen them in about 6-7 years. Friday John took them to the beach since they hadn't been to the beach on the East Coast before. They really enjoyed the warm water and some fishing as well. Then on Saturday they went to Charlotte to the Bass Pro Shops because they do not have one of those back home either and since they are all fishermen they had a great time. After they got home from the mall we took them to Goodberry's, another first for them and they loved that also. Today was a day of golf, and fishing. We started the day hitting a few bucket of balls at the driving range since neither one had ever hit a golf ball in their life. They learned they do not love golf like we do. So John took them fishing again but this time it was just at Bond Park. I am sure they are loving each and every minute of it. We have had some pretty good weather since they have been here so far, overcast but no rain and no humidity highs in the the upper 70's lower 80's. They can't complain, I know I'm not. I am now cooking a chicken taco ring for dinner for when they do decide to come home and eat. I must admit it has been a nice visit this time around. Nice change actually. Hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend!!

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