Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Season/New School

So a few weeks ago Sierra tried out for the city league softball teams and tonight was their first practice. She did pretty good actually. She played all of outfield, as well as first and second base. She worked with the pitching coach and seemed to enjoy that as well. But to be honest I think the girl belongs in the outfield, either center or left she has one heck of an arm on her. She didn't do to bad at the bat either, but I think we will be going to the cages a few times a week so she is a more consistent switch hitter. Sierra bunts the ball really well as a righty but can't bunt as a lefty and can smack the heck out of the ball as a lefty but can't do it as a righty. I want her to be able to be able to both. I guess that comes from me wanting her to a versatile player since I played baseball for so long. Anyway it was great to meet the coaches and a few of the other parents. It will be a short season just 8 games but it will prepare her for the spring tryouts for the school come February.
Also this week Sierra started at Cary High, she is now a Freshman. I can't believe my little girl is in High School. She has grown up so quickly it makes me happy yet sad at the same time. She is such an amazing young lady now. She has figured out what she wants to do and has set her goals and has organized things in such a way that she will be able to attain those goals. I am so very proud of her. I know that the next four years of her life are going to be great ones for her. I know she will have trials but I think I have done a good job as a parent to help her stay on the right track and make the right choices. I am looking forward to watching her grow even more over the next four years..

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