Monday, April 13, 2009

Regnier and Tryon Palace

I was in need of a Regnier "fix" so today Sierra, Hunter and I headed to New Bern to visit him~ After talking with him on the phone we decided that we would tour the Tryon Palace ~ We purchased our tickets in the morning decided we would do the noon tour since that would give us time to check out the Dixon House and the gardens before our tour was to begin~  I was a little nervous about taking Hunter into the Dixon House as well as the Palace since he is only 4 but he was PERFECT, he didn't touch anything and stayed right next to either Tyler or myself the entire time~ Anyway I loved all the fine details in both the Palace as well as the Dixon House~ I guess you could say that Tyler and I were the only ones (in our tour group) who really appreciated the intricate details in the moulding's and trim in both homes~ We also fell in love with the staircase in the Palace, one word to describe it would be AMAZING!!! I wish we were able to take photos inside so that I could show you all but it wasn't allowed~ While we were waiting for the tour to begin Tyler had kind of given us a tour of the grounds since he had been there before~ I fell in love with the gardens at the Palace~ They had such a wonderful variety of Tulips it was just full of color, granted not as beautiful as the Biltmore Estate but I was still in awe of the red and white tulips as well as the pink ones, not to mention the size of them, I have never seen tulips so big before~ After the tour we went and grabbed something to eat and just sat around and talked for about an hour, it was so great to catch up with Tyler and meet his new companion~ I didn't realize how much I really missed him until today~ It is amazing how friendships are formed and how people come into our lives~ What is even more funny is that Tyler and I didn't like one another when he first arrived in Cary but yet there isn't anything I wouldn't do for him and vise versa~ Friendships what a wonderful gift!! 

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